How to enter Backlog jobs

To generate a more complete picture of your data, we recommend creating Backlog projects

Once you're comfortable in your workflow generating live proposals in RhinoDox, we recommend creating and awarding projects that predate using RhinoDox to get a more complete dataset for the reporting dashboards and forecast for the future. 

Before creating and entering backlog projects we also recommend having all configurable fields set up to your specifications. This includes the Project Categories and Bid Types as well as Branches and Divisions. 

Once your configurable data fields are set up and you're comfortable creating projects in-app you're ready to start entering your backlog. We recommend prioritizing your backlog like so:

  1. Enter past jobs you've won where the work is in progress or hasn't started.
  2. Previous jobs you've bid outside of RhinoDox that are still live and not won/lost (these will eventually become backlog, but for now you will be using RhinoDox to track them through the pipeline)
  3. Enter jobs you've lost.

Creating and awarding projects for the backlog is a slightly different process since you are not actually submitting these proposals to GCs and you primarily just capturing data associated to the project. Watch the walkthrough video below for a demonstration of how to enter your backlog quickly and efficiently:


The process outlined above is the front-to-back process for projects that are ready to be awarded as won or lost. If you are entering projects that are still pending, you would NOT award them, just mark them as Bid Submitted after generating the proposal. 


Once you've entered your backlog projects, you can access them in two locations; 

  1. Click "Projects" in the left side menu, then select "Backlog" - This is a view of all awarded jobs listed in a format similar to the Project Pipeline. You can click into any of these projects from this location to update fields or re-award them.
  2. Click "Dashboards" in the left side menu, then click the dashboard selection dropdown menu and choose "Backlog" - This is the main data center for analyzing your awarded jobs.