Award a project as 'Won' or 'Lost'

If your bid has been accepted and you've won the job, or it's been declined - awarding the project as 'Won' or 'Lost' is a finishing touch in the RhinoDox pipeline

After you've sent out your bid and a decision has been made about the job - you will want to update and mark the project as 'Won' meaning the bid was accepted, or 'Lost' meaning there is no further work to be done. 

Awarding the project a distinction of 'Won' or 'Lost' serves several purposes. First, it will allow estimators to better prioritize and track their project statuses. Second, it is a critical factor in determining your company's success in bidding to specific GCs. Lastly, marking a project as 'Won' will apply the project's profit value and other project statistics into your data Dashboard. 

Below is a video showing how to award a 'Won' or 'Lost' status to a project: