How to use the Priority Function in RhinoDox

The Priority function is a versatile tool for tracking your pipeline.

The team at RhinoDox has been doing some community research and we have discovered that there are multiple ways to view the Priority function in the Pipeline.  

Originally, the tool was designed for managers to set urgency behind any project in the pipeline.

We have learned that our customers have repurposed this function to establish probability of winning.  This is also a creative and effective way to visualize the jobs in the pipeline that will be taking on more attention from the team as the project moves through the bidding process.  

High Priority JobThese are the jobs that have a high degree of confidence. Conversations with the GC are progressing and the team needs to zone in on the details.

Medium PriorityThese are the jobs that are confirmed in the pipeline and set to be bid on.

Low Priority No positive feedback and there is a low degree of confidence in the prospect of winning the job.  Less focus is required from the team and fewer resources should be devoted to the bid.