How do I add a user to my account?

We got a new estimator, how do I add them to my account.

When you hire a new estimator or would like to add someone to your RhinoDox account there are two ways to accomplish this. Follow the steps below to do this yourself OR email with the users relevant information and we will handle this for you.

Two Security Types

  1. Estimator View - RhinoDox Security can be setup so that estimators only see the jobs that they are working on.  They cannot see others projects.  However, other Estimators can copy and share a link to a project that any user can click.
  2. Administrators - Administrators can do everything.  Configure Libraries and General Settings.  Add and delete users.  Administrators can see ALL projects.  If you want your estimators to see all projects they currently HAVE to be an Administrator.  On our Product Roadmap, we are introducing a 'role' feature for managers to see their teams work.  We will also allow estimators to have different views of projects without Admin credentials.  So if you need estimators to see ALL projects, please communicate to NOT go into Settings.

Below are the steps to create a new user: