How to create a GC Contact

Tips and Tricks for adding a GC Contact that isn't in the database.

RhinoDox has the ability to upload contacts associated with a GC into the platform.  This saves time in not having to add a GC contact each time AND allows you to further personalize and professionalize your proposal.

Follow the 'Click Through' below to see how to add a GC Contact on the fly:


NOTE ON ENTERING THE PHON NUMBER: There is a common training issue with creating contacts.  It has to do with phone number.  When you enter a phone number you should ONLY enter in the numbers. of the phone number like this:

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 2.43.01 PM

If you enter in the phone number with ANY formatting such as (555) 123-9876, it will give you an error creating the contact.

This also applies to ALL phone numbers in the RhinoDox system.  We are currently putting better error handling to let users know when they enter in the phone number incorrectly.