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How to setup 'Bid Inbox' and 'My Inbox'

This article will walk you through how to setup and use shared inboxes and personal inboxes in RhinoDox. This is currently only available to Outlook users and any non-Google accounts.

Bid Inbox

What is it?

The Bid Inbox allows administrators to connect a shared email account and/or a personal inbox to RhinoDox. Once connected, all users will be able to attach and view emails to any projects in their account. Users can also create a new project from an email in the inbox which will attach that email to the project. Any replies to an attached email are automatically linked to the project. 

How to use it.

Accounts must have this feature turned on in order to be able to use it.  Accounts must also be on the RhinoDox Professional Tier.

Please contact RhinoDox Customer Success at support@rhinodox.com to enable this feature.

How to setup your shared 'Bid Inbox'

After Customer Success has enabled the feature, an administrator will need to connect the shared inbox, under Settings -> Inbox Settings.

On this page, the administrator will then click the link “Add Account” to connect their shared inbox. 

Upon clicking Add Account, the user will be prompted to log into their email to authorize RhinoDox. 

Until the shared inbox is connected, when users navigate to the Bid Inbox from the main navigation they will see the following:

Once an email account has been connected, the bid inbox will display the contents of the email inbox in an interface similar to Outlook or other web mail clients. Currently RhinoDox  does not support folders or other organizational constructs that the user may have in their email account. 

How to setup your personal 'My Inbox'

Once the bid inbox has been enabled, any user can navigate to the My Info page by clicking on their name in the navigation bar, then clicking “My Info”. On the My Info page users can connect their email account by clicking “Connect my email” under the Email Settings section. Once connected, allow some time for their email to sync to our system. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 7.01.18 PM

Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 7.02.46 PM

With a personal email account connected, users can navigate to the “Bid Inbox” navigation menu. They will now have 2 tabs, “Bid Inbox” and “My Inbox”. When viewing “My Inbox” they will have access to their email to attach to projects or create a project from an email. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 7.11.06 PM

How to use Bid Inbox

Clicking any email will display the email message:

Notice the two links in the top right corner. These allow the user to create a new project using the current email, or attach the email to an already existing project. 

Creating a new project displays a form to collect the project information. Much of this information is available from the ITB email. Users can copy and paste the information into the form and create their project.

Once the project is created, the user will see a success message with a link to view the project or stay in the inbox. 

Users can also attach an email to a project using the 'Attach Email to Project' button. They will then have a search option (by project name) to find and select the correct project:

The form then allows the user to edit the project information as well as attaching the email to the project.

The project details page now has a tab for emails. This tab will display any email that has been attached to the project using the same inbox like interface.

Import Notes:

  1. Once an email has been attached to a project, that email is now visible to anyone who can view that project. Emails that are attached to projects in RhinoDox are treated no differently than if a document were uploaded to the system. 
  2. The “My Inbox” portion of the bid inbox will only display the inbox for the logged in user. It is not possible for another user to gain access to your personal email.